West Virginia - Policies or Plans to Encourage Community Involvement: Policy or plan Requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
Policy Type: 
regulation; statute

State law requires districts to adopt community involvement plans or policies.

West Virginia Administrative Code 126-11A-7. County Board of Education Responsibilities.

  • 7.2. Each county board of education shall adopt and implement a policy that provides for parent, family, business and community involvement in the schools.
    • 7.2.a. Each county policy shall promote parents, families, community and business members, through a variety of means, to become involved in children's education.
    • 7.2.b. Each county policy shall meet the criteria for compliance with federal programs.
    • 7.2.c. Each county policy shall be developed by a committee consisting of, but not limited to, classroom teachers, parents/family members of school-age children, community members, business members, principals and other school personnel.  The committee shall be representative of a variety of schools and shall include representation from early, middle and adolescent levels.
    • 7.2.d. Each county shall provide training for teachers, parents and administrators, in cooperation with state and local agencies that would help realize the objectives set forth in the county policy.

West Virginia Code 18-5A-2. Local school improvement councils; election.

(k)  In order to promote innovations and improvements in the environment for teaching and learning at the school, a school improvement council shall receive cooperation from the school in implementing policies and programs it may adopt to:

  • (1)  Encourage the involvement of parent(s), guardian(s) or custodian(s) in their child's educational process and in the school;
  • (2)  Encourage businesses to provide time for their employees who are parent(s), guardian(s) or custodian(s) to meet with teachers concerning their child's education;
  • (3)  Encourage advice and suggestions from the business community;
  • (4)  Encourage school volunteer programs and mentorship programs; and
  • (5)  Foster utilization of the school facilities and grounds for public community activities.
    West Virginia Legislature
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