Rhode Island - School-Community and Interagency Partnerships: Partnerships

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State laws requires districts to establish school-community partnerships to address student needs.

Basic Education Program 200-RICR-20-10-1.3.2 Supportive and Nurturing School Community.

G. Student, Family, and Community Engagement

    1. Each LEA shall facilitate partnerships with community organizations and agencies, municipal entities, and businesses to meet the needs of students and families. Therefore, each LEA shall establish communication strategies that will engage community partners, including:
      • a. Ensuring community representation on the school improvement team or other decision-making teams;
      • b. Identifying and recruiting businesses to provide career exploration activities for students;
      • c. Soliciting community organizations or business members to mentor students;
      • d. Facilitating on-site services of local organizations at the school, e.g. counseling, food pantry, tax assistance, legal aid; and
      • e. Recruiting volunteers from community organizations and businesses.
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