Maryland - Early Identification and Referral: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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statute; regulation

State law encourages or requires districts to implement identification and referral processes to link students and families with needed resources.

2017 Maryland Code Education 7-504. Eligibility guidelines; authorized programs

(1) The Department shall adopt regulations that set eligibility guidelines for State funding of Youth Suicide Prevention School Programs under this subtitle.
(2) The regulations shall:

  • (i) Establish procedures for developing local programs, in cooperation with local education agencies, youth service bureaus, and community mental health centers; and
  • (ii) Establish standards and policies for programs to offer:
      1. Individual, family, and group counseling related to youth suicide prevention;
      1. Referral, crisis intervention, and information for students, parents, and school personnel; and
      1. Training for school personnel, and others responsible for counseling or supervising student activities.

2017 Code of Maryland Definitions.

(12) "School-based health center (SBHC)" means a health center that:

  • (a) Is located on school grounds;
  • (b) Provides on-site primary and preventive health care, referrals, and follow-up services;
  • (c) Could provide on-site dental care or behavioral health care, referrals, and follow-up services; and
  • (d) Has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).
    Maryland Office of the Secretary of State

2017 Code of Maryland 13A.07.11.03 Required Training.

A. All certificated school personnel who have direct contact with students on a regular basis shall complete training on or before December 1 of each year, by a method determined by each county board, in the skills required to:

  • (1) Understand and respond to youth suicide risk;
  • (2) Understand and respond to student mental health, student trauma, student safety and other topics related to student social and emotional well-being; and
  • (3) Identify professional resources to help students in crisis.
    Maryland Office of the Secretary of State

2017 Maryland Code Education 7-310. Dissemination of community resources list

(a)  In general. -- Each county board shall develop and disseminate to each public school within the county board's jurisdiction a community resources list.

(b)  Contents. -- The community resources list may include the name and contact information of local and statewide social services and nonprofit health care providers that provide nondiscriminatory services to children and families in need of assistance.

2017 Maryland Code Education 7-440. Individualized or group behavioral counseling services.

  • (1) The Maryland Department of Health, in conjunction with the Department, shall recommend best practices for county boards of education to provide to students:
    • (i) Behavioral needs assessments; and
    • (ii) Individualized or group behavioral health counseling services with a health care provider through a school-based health center or through community partnered school-based behavioral health services.
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