Utah - Early Identification and Referral: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law authorizes districts to conduct mental health screening in schools or to disseminate information on mental health resources.

Utah Code 53G-9-203. Definitions -- School personnel -- Medical recommendations -- Exceptions -- Penalties.

(2) School personnel may:

  • (a) provide information and observations to a student's parent or guardian about that student, including observations and concerns in the following areas:
    • (i) progress;
    • (ii) health and wellness;
    • (iii) social interactions;
    • (iv) behavior; or
    • (v) topics consistent with Subsection 53E-9-203(6);
  • (b) communicate information and observations between school personnel regarding a child;
  • (c) refer students to other appropriate school personnel and agents, consistent with local school board or charter school policy, including referrals and communication with a school counselor or other mental health professionals working within the school system;
  • (d) consult or use appropriate health care professionals in the event of an emergency while the student is at school, consistent with the student emergency information provided at student enrollment;
  • (e) exercise their authority relating to the placement within the school or readmission of a child who may be or has been suspended or expelled for a violation of Section 53G-8-205; and
  • (f) complete a behavioral health evaluation form if requested by a student's parent or guardian to provide information to a licensed physician.
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