West Virginia - Early Identification and Referral: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law encourages or requires districts to implement identification and referral processes to link students and families with needed resources.

West Virginia Administrative Code 126-99. EXPECTED BEHAVIOR IN SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE SCHOOLS (4373)


Section 3. Responsibilities of County Boards of Education

Policy Development: Each county board of education shall have policies and procedures for implementing Policy 4373. County board policies must address and adhere to all applicable federal and state laws sited within this policy. County board policies and procedures must include guidelines for school level implementation.

County board of education policies shall also include safeguards to protect the safe and supportive environment of the school. These safeguards shall include but not be limited to:

  • The responsibility of school administration to implement provisions of this policy with specific regard to education, communication and enforcement provisions;
  • Clear procedures for identification, intervention and referral of students with behavioral and substance abuse issues;

West Virginia Administrative Code 126-42-8. School Based Responsibilities.

  • 8.1. Strong leadership by the administration and faculty is necessary for effective schools to produce higher levels of student achievement. Shared leadership, based on the WVBE Policy 2322, must be in place in order for schools to be effective in meeting the needs of students and improving student learning.
  • 8.2. Student Assistance Team-- Each public school shall establish a student assistance team that:
    • 8.2.a. consists of a school administrator or designee, who shall serve as a chairperson, a current teacher(s), a parent/guardian, and other appropriate professional staff;
    • 8.2.b. reviews individual student needs that have persisted despite being addressed through academic and/or behavioral support;
    • 8.2.c. allows parents to review recommendations made by the team regarding the child's program and to provide feedback to the team about those recommendations;
    • 8.2.d. is trained in referral procedures for multidisciplinary evaluations, Alternative Education placement, disciplinary procedures, general summative assessment accommodations, and other school processes as appropriate for ensuring student progress and maintenance of a safe school environment; and
    • 8.2.e. collects and maintains data on the activities of the team, including the dates of meetings, the members in attendance, the recommendations of the team, the dates of review meetings, and the results of its recommendations.
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