Massachusetts - Professional Development for Mental Health: Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law encourages districts to provide professional development for school personnel on youth mental health.

Massachusetts General Laws ch 69.1P Safe and supportive schools framework

(g) The commission shall: (i) investigate and make recommendations to the board on updating, improving and refining the framework and the self-assessment tool as appropriate; (ii) identify strategies for increasing schools’ capacity to carry out the administrative functions identified by the behavioral health and public schools task force; (iii) propose steps for improving schools’ access to clinically, culturally and linguistically appropriate services; (iv) identify and recommend evidenced-based training programs and professional development for school staff on addressing students’ behavioral health and creating safe and supportive learning environments; (v) identify federal funding sources that can be leveraged to support statewide implementation of the framework; (vi) develop recommendations on best practices for collaboration with families, including families of children with behavioral health needs; and (vii) examine and recommend model approaches for integrating school action plans, required under subsection (e), with school improvement plans and for using the framework to organize other school and district improvement processes.

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