Minnesota - Professional Development for Mental Health: Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law requires districts to provide professional development for school personnel on youth mental health.

Minnesota Statutes 2018 Education Code, Chapter 121A Student rights, responsibilities, and behaviors 122A.09 Duties.

Subd. 4. License and rules.
(n) The board must adopt rules that require all licensed teachers who are renewing their professional five-year teaching licenses to include in their renewal requirements at least one hour of suicide prevention best practices in each licensure renewal period that are based on nationally recognized evidence-based programs and practices, among the continuing education credits required to renew a license under this paragraph, and further preparation, first, in understanding the key warning signs of early-onset mental illness in children and adolescents and then, during subsequent licensure renewal periods, preparation may include providing a more in-depth understanding of students' mental illness trauma, accommodations for students' mental illness, parents' role in addressing students' mental illness, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, autism, the requirements of section 125A.0942 governing restrictive procedures, and de-escalation methods, among other similar topics.

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