Oklahoma - Professional Development for Mental Health: Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law requires districts to provide professional development for school personnel on youth mental health.

Oklahoma Statutes 70-6-185. Competencies and methods to be incorporated into teacher preparation system.

  1. The preservice program shall include the following methods to achieve the competencies listed in paragraph 1 of this subsection:
    • a. require teacher candidates to study arts and sciences at the undergraduate level,
    • b. require secondary and elementary/secondary teacher candidates to have undergraduate majors, or their equivalents, in a subject area, and require teacher candidates in early childhood, elementary, and special education to have subject area concentrations which allow qualification as a generalist,
    • c. require teacher candidates to study the individuality of students, the capacity of students to learn and the process of learning,
    • d. integrate curriculum from other disciplines with the education curriculum,
    • e. require teacher candidates to have training experiences and personal contact with parents, guardians or custodians of school-age children,
    • f. require teacher candidates to have community involvement experience,
    • g. structure courses so as to require teamwork activities, and
    • h. require teacher candidates to study, in existing coursework, substance abuse symptoms identification and prevention, mental illness symptoms identification and mental health issues, classroom management skills, and classroom safety and discipline techniques;
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