Wisconsin - School-based or School-linked Mental Health Services: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law encourages districts to establish school-based or school-linked mental health promotion and intervention programs.

Wisconsin Statutes 115.367 School-based mental health services grants.

(1) Grant program. The department shall establish and administer a competitive program to award grants to school boards and operators of charter schools under s. 118.40 (2r) or (2x) for the purpose of collaborating with community mental health agencies to provide mental health services to pupils. School boards and operators of charter schools under s. 118.40 (2r) and (2x) may apply for a grant under this section individually or as a consortium of school boards, charter schools, or both. For purposes of this subsection, a “consortium of school boards” includes a cooperative educational service agency.
(2) Eligibility criteria. The department shall establish by rule the criteria the department will use to award grants under this section.
(3) Awards. The department shall award grants under this section beginning in the 2018-19 school year. From the appropriation under s. 20.255 (2) (dt), the department shall award at least $3,250,000 in grants under this section each school year.
(4) Rules. The department shall promulgate rules to implement and administer this section.

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