Alaska - School Counseling—secondary grade levels (9-12): Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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regulation; statute

State law encourages the provision of school counseling or guidance services in secondary grade levels (9-12).

Alaska Administrative Code 4 AAC 04.200. Professional content and performance standards

(4) An administrator coordinates services that support student growth and development. Performances that reflect attainment of this standard include

  • (A) implementing and overseeing student behavior and discipline procedures that promote the safe and orderly atmosphere of the school;
  • (B) providing for student guidance, counseling, and auxiliary services;
  • (C) coordinating outreach for students, staff and school programs, community organizations, agencies and services;
  • (D) being responsive to parent and family requests for information, involvement in student learning, and outreach assistance;
  • (E) supporting the development and use of programs that connect schooling with plans for adult life; and
  • (F) supporting the development and overseeing the implementation of a comprehensive program of student activities.

Alaska Administrative Code 4 AAC 06.530. Guidance and counseling services

(a) School personnel assigned to provide guidance and counseling services shall plan and implement programs and services, and use materials, that encourage students to explore and develop their individual interests in vocational programs and career opportunities without regard to gender. This may include encouraging students to consider nontraditional occupations.

(b) Before December 15 of the school year beginning after June 4, 1993, each school district shall establish, have on file, and implement written procedures for the biennial training of all certificated personnel who are assigned to provide guidance and counseling services. Training must include the recognition of gender bias in counseling materials and specific techniques that may be used with students to overcome the effects of gender bias.

Alaska Statutes 2017 Section 14.18.030 Discrimination in counseling and guidance services prohibited.

Guidance and counseling services in public education are available to students equally and shall stress access to career and vocational opportunities to students without regard to sex.

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