Maine - School Counseling—secondary grade levels (9-12): Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires the provision of school counseling or guidance services in secondary grade levels (9-12).

Code of Maine Department of Education, Chapter 125 Basic approval standards: public schools and school administrative units, 05.071.125

Section 9. Instructional support resources

9.02 Comprehensive Guidance Resources
A) Each school administrative unit shall have a Comprehensive Guidance Program, including guidance and counseling services, available to all students in grades K-12. The development of the program and the delivery of the services it describes shall be a coordinated effort of the members of the unit's professional staff. The Comprehensive Guidance Program shall include services to be provided to students at each developmental stage and shall specify how the following services will be provided to all students:

  • (1) A program of structured developmental experiences presented systematically through classroom and group activities to enhance the ability of students to meet the content standards of the system of Learning Results;
  • (2) A program of activities and planned strategies to help individual students manage their career development, including present and future education consistent with the Career Preparation content standards and performance indicators identified in Me. Dept. of Ed. Reg. 131; and
  • (3) Counseling and consultation services designed to respond to the immediate needs and concerns of students, parents, and staff.

B) Comprehensive Guidance Program Goals. The Comprehensive Guidance Program shall address the following goals:

  • (1) Encourage parental involvement;
  • (2) Raise student aspirations;
  • (3) Provide information and appropriate referral sources to students, parents, staff; and
  • (4) Provide management activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the program including research, evaluation, programming, supervision, staff training and development, and communications.

C) Implementation Timeline Each school administrative unit shall include the Comprehensive Guidance Program in the unit's Comprehensive Education Plan, with this component of the plan to be implemented by the end of the 2006-2007 school year contingent upon funding of Essential Programs and Services or its equivalent.

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