Nebraska - School Counseling—secondary grade levels (9-12): Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires the provision of school counseling or guidance services in secondary grade levels (9-12).

Nebraska Administrative Code Title 92 Chapter 10 Section 007. Accreditation of Schools

007.05 Guidance Staff. Quality Indicator: A comprehensive, developmental, K-12 guidance and counseling program assists all students in learning skills needed for academic success and for personal, social, and career development. The guidance program includes planned classroom and group activities, counseling services responsive to individuals and small groups, and assistance to students in academic planning and placement. The school and community work cooperatively to provide appropriate support for students, families, and teachers.

Guidance and counseling programs are directed by professional staff with appropriate endorsements in guidance and counseling. Professional staff are assigned based upon local needs determined through a formal process documenting the needs.

AQuESTT Tenet: Quality educational systems focus on supports for students transitioning between grade levels, programs, schools, districts, and ultimately, college and career.

AQuESTT Tenet: Students are surrounded by effective and qualified educators throughout every learning experience, and every school and district develops effective teachers and leaders to establish a culture of success.

  • 007.05A Each K-12 and each secondary school system assigns at least a one-half time equivalency person to conduct a guidance and counseling program. The level of assignment is determined by the local school system and the person assigned holds a guidance and counseling endorsement appropriate for the level(s) assigned. When enrollment in a school system exceeds 400, the system assigns at least one full-time equivalency appropriately endorsed person.

  • 007.05B School systems having a total of 300 or more students in the middle grades, secondary grades, or high school grades assign at least a one-half time appropriately endorsed person to provide guidance and counseling for the level. When the total enrollment in any of those levels reaches 450, one full-time equivalent appropriately endorsed person is assigned. Thereafter, an additional one-half time appropriately endorsed person is assigned for each 225 students at any of those levels.

  • 007.05C School districts having 300 or more students in the elementary grades have guidance programs or services available for the elementary students. The procedures and time allotment are determined by the local school district.

  • 007.05D A person holding a Nebraska Teaching Certificate with no endorsement appropriate for guidance and counseling may be assigned to fulfill the requirements of Sections 007.05A and 007.05B if such person has two years of teaching experience and acquires at least six credit hours each year toward an endorsement appropriate for guidance and counseling pursuant to 92 NAC 24. Persons employed by a Nebraska school prior to July 1, 1989, to provide guidance and counseling services and who hold a Nebraska Special Services Certificate with an endorsement appropriate for guidance and counseling services may fulfill the requirements of this regulation.

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