Utah - School Counseling—secondary grade levels (9-12): Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires the provision of school counseling or guidance services in secondary grade levels (9-12).

Utah Administrative Code R277-462-5. School Counselor to Student Ratios.

A. All LEAs shall certify to the USOE by October 1 annually:

  • (1) the full time equivalent licensed school counselors employed and assigned to each school;
  • (2) that secondary school counselor to secondary student ratios at the LEA level are one (counselor) to 350 (students) or better; and
  • (3) that variations requiring less than a .25 full time equivalent licensed school counselor shall be permitted at the school level.

B. June 1 annually, LEAs not meeting the ratio required under R277-462-5A(2), shall submit to the Board a plan to be approved for meeting established ratios in a reasonable time frame to continue to receive Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program and Minimum School Program funding.

C. LEAs that do not satisfy required counselor to student ratios shall receive reasonable notice and reasonable time periods and opportunities to explain and remedy the failure to comply.

D. As additional funds for Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Programs become available, the Board may require LEAs to have lower counselor to student ratios, following notice to LEAs.

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