Wyoming - School Counseling—secondary grade levels (9-12): Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law requires the provision of school counseling or guidance services in secondary grade levels (9-12).

Wyoming Administrative Rules 206-0002-6 District and School Accreditation

(c) Guidance Services. The district shall ensure that students have access to guidance services which provide all students with assistance in developing and monitoring their educational and career plans through a structured, systematic individual planning system. Districts shall ensure that guidance services:

  • (i) Provide access to responsive services to address issues and concerns that may affect their educational, vocational and career development;
  • (ii) Provide assistance to students, beginning no later than eighth grade to develop educational and career plans, and includes assessment and advisement to set short-and long-term goals; and
  • (iii) Provide information about and assistance in determining post secondary training opportunities.
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