North Carolina - School Counseling Staff Qualifications: Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State laws recommends minimum certification standards that include advanced coursework and degree requirements for counselors.

North Carolina Administrative Code 16 NCAC 06C .0304 License Patterns

(3) Student services area. The holder may provide specialized assistance to the learner, the teacher, the administrator and the education program in general. This category shall include school counseling, school social work, school psychology, audiology, speech language pathology, and media. There shall be three levels of preparation as in the case of the administrator/supervisor, except that school psychology shall be restricted to the sixth-year or doctorate levels and school social work may be earned at the bachelor's level.

(c) The department shall base license classification on the level and degree of career development and competence. There shall be two classifications of licenses:

  • (1) The Standard Professional License I, which shall be valid for three years, shall allow the holder to begin practicing the profession on an independent basis in North Carolina. To be issued a Standard Professional License I, the individual must complete a teacher education program approved in accordance with these Rules and meet the federal requirement to be designated "highly qualified."
  • (2) The Standard Professional License II shall authorize professional school service on an ongoing basis, subject to renewal every five years.
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