Indiana - Suicide Prevention Policy: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt suicide prevention policies.

Indiana Code 20-26-5-34.4 Child suicide awareness and prevention policy

Each school corporation shall adopt a policy addressing measures intended to increase child suicide awareness and prevention. The policy must address the following:
(1) Counseling services for the child and the child’s family related to suicide prevention.
(2) Availability of referral information for crisis intervention to children, parents, and school corporation staff.
(3) Increasing awareness of the relationship between suicide and drug and alcohol use.
(4) Training on warning signs and tendencies that may evidence that a child is considering suicide.
(5) Availability of information concerning suicide prevention services in the community.
(6) Cooperation among the school corporation and suicideprevention services in the community.
(7) Development of a plan to assist survivors of attempted suicide and to assist children and school corporation staff in coping with an attempted suicide or death of a student or school employee.
(8) Development of any other program or activity that is appropriate.

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