Kansas - Suicide Prevention Policy: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt suicide prevention policies.

Kansas Administrative Regulations 91-31-32 Performance and quality criteria.

(c) The quality criteria shall consist of the following quality measures, which shall be required to be in place at each school:

  • (12) programs for all school staff regarding suicide awareness and prevention. Each local board of education shall include the following in its suicide awareness and prevention programs:

    • (A) At least one hour of training each calendar year based on programs approved by the state board of education. The training requirement may be met through independent self-review of suicide prevention training material; and

    • (B) a building crisis plan developed for each school building. The building crisis plan shall include the following:

      • (i) Steps for recognizing suicide ideation;

      • (ii) appropriate methods of intervention; and

      • (iii) a crisis recovery plan.

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