Maryland - Suicide Prevention Policy: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law encourages districts to adopt suicide prevention policies.

2017 Maryland Code Education 7-504. Eligibility guidelines; authorized programs

(a)  Regulations for eligibility guidelines. --

  • (1) The Department shall adopt regulations that set eligibility guidelines for State funding of Youth Suicide Prevention School Programs under this subtitle.
  • (2) The regulations shall:
    • (i) Establish procedures for developing local programs, in cooperation with local education agencies, youth service bureaus, and community mental health centers; and
    • (ii) Establish standards and policies for programs to offer:
        1. Individual, family, and group counseling related to youth suicide prevention;
        1. Referral, crisis intervention, and information for students, parents, and school personnel; and
        1. Training for school personnel, and others responsible for counseling or supervising student activities.
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