Montana - Suicide Prevention Policy: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt suicide prevention policies.

Montana Code Annotated 2017 Title 20 Education, Chapter 7 School instruction and special programs, Part 13 Protection and wellness of youth 20.7.1310 Youth suicide awareness and prevention training.

(5) The trustees of a school district shall establish policies, procedures, or plans related to suicide prevention and response.

Administrative Rules of Montana, Education, Chapter Standards of accreditation, Subchapter School leadership, 10.55.720 Suicide prevention and response

(1) A local board of trustees shall establish policies, procedures, or plans related to suicide prevention and response that may include the following recommended elements:

  • (a) Promotes collaboration with families and with community providers in all aspects of suicide prevention and response;
  • (b) Implements a prevention and response program that is effective in reaching students, staff, and parents using resources required of the Office of Public Instruction under 20-7-1310, MCA;
  • (c) Includes high quality intervention services for students;
  • (d) Promotes interagency cooperation that enables school personnel to identify and access appropriate community resources for use in times of crisis;
  • (e) Includes reintegration of youth into a school following a crisis, hospitalization, or residential treatment;
  • (f) Provides for leadership, planning, and support for students and school personnel to ensure appropriate responses to attempted or completed suicides; and
  • (g) Ensures regular evaluation and revision of the policy and procedures.

(2) The term "response" includes both immediate response and postvention guidelines.
Montana Secretary of State

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