Nevada - Staff wellness program—tobacco cessation: Program requirement

Program Requirement
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State law addresses tobacco cessation.

Nevada Revised Statutes 439.521 Duties of Division.

  1. To carry out the provisions of NRS 439.514 to 439.525, inclusive, the Division shall, within the limits of available money, and with the advice and recommendations of the Advisory Council:
    • d. Develop, promote and coordinate recommendations for model and evidence-based programs that contribute to reductions in the incidence of chronic disease in this State. The programs should encourage:
    • (1) Proper nutrition, physical fitness and health among the residents of this State, including, without limitation, parents and children, senior citizens, high-risk populations and persons with special needs; and
    • (2) Work-site wellness policies that include, without limitation, tobacco-free and breast feeding-friendly environments, healthy food and beverage choices and physical activity opportunities in schools, businesses and public buildings.
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