New Mexico - Staff wellness program: Program requirement

Program Requirement
Policy Type: 

State law recommends wellness program for school staff.

New Mexico Administrative Code PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS:

E. School health. School health programs provide opportunities for all students to develop healthy behaviors. Districts and charter schools shall provide or make provisions for school health programs that address the health needs of students and staff. Districts and charter schools shall provide the following programs: health education, physical education, health services and school counseling. Additional programs may include: nutrition, staff wellness, family-school-community partnerships, healthy environment and psychological services.

New Mexico Administrative Code DEFINITIONS:

K. "Staff wellness" means opportunities for school staff to improve their health status through activities such as health assessments, health education and health-related fitness activities. These opportunities encourage school staff to pursue a healthy lifestyle that contributes to their improved health status, improved morale, and a greater personal commitment to the school's overall coordinated school health approach.

New Mexico Administrative Code REQUIREMENTS:

D. The wellness policy shall include, but shall not be limited to:

  • (9) a plan addressing the staff wellness needs of all school staff that minimally ensures an equitable work environment and meets the American with Disabilities Act, Part III;(

New Mexico Administrative Code REFERENCED MATERIAL:

(1) In collaboration with educational staff and others, the associate school nurse establishes and manages a coordinated school health program under the direction of a nurse supervisor consistent with New Mexico guidelines, regulations, and statutes governing nursing and school health, as well as local school district policy by:

  • (a) consulting with the school administrators, physicians and others to establish, review and revise policies, procedures and specific programs for coordinated school health education and services; performance of this task requires clinical supervision;
  • (b) assisting in the development of a needs assessment procedure and data collection procedure, as well as a plan to evaluate health services; also prepares regular written reports for school officials and state agencies; performance of this task requires clinical supervision;
  • (c) implementing state mandated programs such as immunization surveillance and health screening programs;
  • (d) facilitating the orientation, training, supervision, and evaluation of health assistant personnel as needed to provide a safe level of health services and to comply with the N.M. Nurse Practice Act and other relevant statutes and regulations;
  • (e) developing effective methods of documentation and a coordinated school health record system;
  • (f) assisting in the prevention of communicable diseases in the school by providing necessary school-based education and interventions in collaboration with and under the direction of the local health authority and the professional school nurse;
  • (g) promoting positive safety practices both within and outside of school buildings, and participating in the development of an emergency plan which is communicated to personnel and students;
  • (h) interpreting school health service needs and the role of the school nurse to the school and community; also serves on school health advisory committees as appropriate;
  • (i) participating in the planning for health in-service programs for school personnel;

New Mexico Administrative Code REFERENCED MATERIAL:

(4) The professional school nurse assists students, families, and staff to achieve optimal levels of wellness through health education and promotion by:

  • (b) participating in the planning of health in-service programs for school personnel;
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