Rhode Island - Staff wellness program: Program requirement

Program Requirement
Policy Type: 
statute; regulation

State law requires wellness program for school staff.

State of Rhode Island General Laws § 16-2-9. General powers and duties of school committees.

(a) The entire care, control, and management of all public school interests of the several cities and towns shall be vested in the school committees of the several cities and towns. School committees shall have, in addition to those enumerated in this title, the following powers and duties:

  • (24) To address the health and wellness of students and employees.

200-RICR-20-10-1 Basic Education Program

(2) Each LEA shall develop and implement policies and protocols that promote the health of school employees to support their overall well-being and their performance as educators and role models, including, as necessary, wellness programs, employee assistance programs, referral systems, and/or other services or supports as may be needed to help school staff maintain healthy lifestyles.
Source: Rhode Island Department of State

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