Utah - Employee Protections for Parent Attendance at School Activities: Program requirement

Program Requirement
Policy Type: 

State law encourages employers to offer leave for parents to participate in school activities or requires employer leave for public sector employees only.

Utah Code 53E-2-303. Parental participation in educational process -- Employer support.

(1) The Legislature recognizes the importance of parental participation in the educational process in order for students to achieve and maintain high levels of performance.

(2) It is, therefore, the policy of the state to:

  • (a) encourage parents to provide a home environment that values education and send their children to school prepared to learn;
  • (b) rely upon school districts and schools to provide opportunities for parents of students to be involved in establishing and implementing educational goals for their respective schools and students; and
  • (c) expect employers to recognize the need for parents and members of the community to participate in the public education system in order to help students achieve and maintain excellence.
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