West Virginia - Employee Protections for Parent Attendance at School Activities: Program requirement

Program Requirement
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State law encourages employers to offer leave for parents to participate in school activities or requires employer leave for public sector employees only.

West Virginia Code 18-5A-2. Local school improvement councils; election.

(k)  In order to promote innovations and improvements in the environment for teaching and learning at the school, a school improvement council shall receive cooperation from the school in implementing policies and programs it may adopt to:

  • (1)  Encourage the involvement of parent(s), guardian(s) or custodian(s) in their child's educational process and in the school;
  • (2)  Encourage businesses to provide time for their employees who are parent(s), guardian(s) or custodian(s) to meet with teachers concerning their child's education;
  • (3)  Encourage advice and suggestions from the business community;
  • (4)  Encourage school volunteer programs and mentorship programs; and
  • (5)  Foster utilization of the school facilities and grounds for public community activities.
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