Washington - Engagement of Parents of English Language Learners: Program requirements

Program Requirement
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State law requires parent and family engagement as a component of English Language Learner (ELL) programs.

Washington Administrative Code 392-164-365 Local parent advisory councils—Composition and procedures.

A parent advisory council shall be established in each local school district or subgrantee which receives a subgrant under this chapter. Such parent advisory council shall:
(1) Be composed of parents of children eligible to be served, who shall constitute at least a simple majority of said council, and other persons knowledgeable in the needs of migratory children.
(2) Assist the district in the planning, implementation, operation, and evaluation of the present local project and in the planning of future projects.
(3) Have parent members selected from among the parent group by the parents themselves. The balance of the parent advisory council membership may be appointed by the district and shall consist of representatives of social, health service, local business and industry, and other such community agencies.
(4) Elect its own chair and such other officers as the membership deems appropriate.
(5) Formulate bylaws and a procedure by which parents may present grievances to the local school district or other subgrantee.

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