Kentucky - Family Engagement on Chronic Absenteeism: Program requirements

Program Requirement
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State law involves parents in responding to truancy or chronic absenteeism using non-punitive or supportive interventions.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 159.180 Parents responsible for children's violations.

Every parent, guardian, or custodian of a child residing in any school district in this state is legally responsible for any violation of KRS 159.010 to 159.170 by the child. Before any proceedings are instituted against the parent, guardian, or custodian for violation of KRS 159.010 to 159.170, a written notice of the violation shall be served on the person by the director of pupil personnel, and one (1) day shall be given for the termination of the violation. After such notice, if the violation is continued or if the provisions of KRS 159.010 to 159.170 are again violated during the school term by the child, no further notice shall be necessary and the parent or guardian shall be punishable as provided in KRS 159.990. A notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, or by personal service by the director of pupil personnel shall be a legal notice.

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