Alaska - Family Engagement in Local Governance: Stakeholders

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regulation; statute

State law requires parent or family member representation on school governance councils or in school improvement planning efforts.

Alaska Administrative Code 4 AAC 04.200. Professional content and performance standards

(10) An administrator facilitates the participation of parents and families as partners in the education of children. Performances that reflect attainment of this standard include

  • (A) supporting and respecting the responsibilities of parents and families, recognizing the variety of parenting traditions and practices in the community;
  • (B) ensuring that teachers and staff engage parents and families in assisting student learning;
  • (C) maintaining a school or program climate that welcomes parents and families and invites their participation; and
  • (D) involving parents and community in meaningful ways in school or program decision-making.

Alaska Statutes 2017 Section 14.03.123. School and district accountability.

(d) A public school or district that receives a low performance designation under this section shall prepare and submit to the department a school or district improvement plan, as applicable, in accordance with regulations adopted by the board. The improvement plan must be prepared with the maximum feasible public participation of the community including, as appropriate, interested individuals, teachers, parents, parent organizations, students, tribal organizations, local government representatives, and other community groups. The improvement plan must, to the extent possible, include measures that increase local control of education and parental choice and that do not require a direct increase in state or federal funding for the school or district.

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