Kentucky - Family Engagement in Local Governance: Stakeholders

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State law requires parent or family member representation on school governance councils or in school improvement planning efforts.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 160.345 Required adoption of school councils for school-based decision making

(2) Each local board of education shall adopt a policy for implementing school-based decision making in the district which shall include, but not be limited to, a description of how the district’s policies, including those developed pursuant to KRS 160.340, have been amended to allow the professional staff members of a school to be involved in the decision making process as they work to meet educational goals established in KRS 158.645 and 158.6451. The policy may include a requirement that each school council make an annual report at a public meeting of the board describing the school’s progress in meeting the educational goals set forth in KRS 158.6451 and district goals established by the board. The policy shall also address and comply with the following:

  • (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b)2. of this subsection, each participating school shall form a school council composed of two (2) parents, three (3) teachers, and the principal or administrator. The membership of the council may be increased, but it may only be increased proportionately. A parent representative on the council shall not be an employee or a relative of an employee of the school in which that parent serves, nor shall the parent representative be an employee or a relative of an employee in the district administrative offices. A parent representative shall not be a local board member or a board member’s spouse. None of the members shall have a conflict of interest pursuant to KRS Chapter 45A, except the salary paid to district employees;

  • (b)

      1. The teacher representatives shall be elected for one (1) year terms by a majority of the teachers. A teacher elected to a school council shall not be involuntarily transferred during his or her term of office. The parent representatives shall be elected for one (1) year terms. The parent members shall be elected by the parents of students preregistered to attend the school during the term of office in an election conducted by the parent and teacher organization of the school or, if none exists, the largest organization of parents formed for this purpose. A school council, once elected, may adopt a policy setting different terms of office for parent and teacher members subsequently elected. The principal shall be the chair of the school council.
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