Utah - Family Engagement in Local Governance: Stakeholders

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State law requires parent or family member representation on school governance councils or in school improvement planning efforts.

Utah Code 53G-7-1202. School community councils -- Duties -- Composition -- Election procedures and selection of members.

(2) A district school, in consultation with the district school's local school board, shall establish a school community council at the school building level for the purpose of:

  • (a) involving parents or guardians of students in decision making at the school level;
  • (b) improving the education of students;
  • (c) prudently expending School LAND Trust Program money for the improvement of students' education through collaboration among parents and guardians, school employees, and the local school board; and
  • (d) increasing public awareness of:
    • (i) school trust lands and related land policies;
    • (ii) management of the State School Fund established in Utah Constitution Article X, Section V; and
    • (iii) educational excellence.
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