District of Columbia - Family Engagement Plans: Policy or Plan Requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt plans, policies, or strategies to engage parents and families in the educational process.

District of Columbia Municipal Regulations 401 NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL COUNCILS

401.1 The Superintendent shall direct the development and implementation of practices and programs that:
(a) welcome parent involvement at both the system wide and local school levels, including local school governance councils;
(b) establish a climate that is conducive to open communication, mutual trust, and respect between parents and school district personnel at all levels of the system;
(c) enhance parent involvement at all grade levels in every local school; and
(d) include parent involvement outcomes in all staff evaluations, as appropriate.

401.2 The Superintendent shall ensure that the practices and programs at the local schools meet the following standards:
(a) Communication between home and school is regular, two-way, and meaningful;
(b) Parenting skills are promoted and supported;
(c) Parents play an integral role in assisting student learning;
(d) Parents are welcome in the school, and their support and assistance are sought;
(e) Parents are full partners in the educational decisions that affect children and families; and
(f) Community resources are used to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning.

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