Kentucky - Family Engagement Plans: Policy or Plan Requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt plans, policies, or strategies to engage parents and families in the educational process.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 158.649 Achievement gaps -- Data on student performance -- Policy for reviewing academic performance -- Student achievement targets -- Reporting requirements -- Review and revision of improvement plan.

(4) By February 1 of each year, the school-based decision making council, or the principal if there is not a council, with the involvement of parents, faculty, and staff shall set the school’s targets for eliminating any achievement gap and submit them to the superintendent for consideration. The superintendent and the school-based decision making council, or the principal if there is not a council, shall agree on the targets before they are submitted to the local board of education for adoption.

(5) By January 1 of each year, the school council, or the principal if a school council does not exist, with the involvement of parents, faculty, and staff, shall review the data and revise the school improvement plan to include the targets, strategies, activities, and a time schedule calculated to eliminate the achievement gap among various groups of students to the extent it may exist. The plan shall include but not be limited to activities designed to address the following areas:

  • (a) Curriculum alignment within the school and with schools that send or receive the school’s students;

  • (b) Evaluation and assessment strategies to continuously monitor and modify instruction to meet student needs and support proficient student work;

  • (c) Professional development to address the goals of the plan;

  • (d) Parental communication and involvement;

  • (e) Attendance improvement and dropout prevention; and

  • (f) Technical assistance that will be accessed.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 160.345 Required adoption of school councils for school-based decision making

(3) The policies adopted by the local board to implement school-based decision making shall also address the following:

  • (a) School budget and administration, including: discretionary funds; activity and other school funds; funds for maintenance, supplies, and equipment; and procedures for authorizing reimbursement for training and other expenses;

  • (b) Assessment of individual student progress, including testing and reporting of student progress to students, parents, the school district, the community, and the state;

  • (c) School improvement plans, including the form and function of strategic planning and its relationship to district planning, as well as the school safety plan and requests for funding from the Center for School Safety under KRS 158.446;

  • (d) Professional development plans developed pursuant to KRS 156.095;

  • (e) Parent, citizen, and community participation including the relationship of the council with other groups;

  • (f) Cooperation and collaboration within the district, with other districts, and with other public and private agencies;

  • (g) Requirements for waiver of district policies;

  • (h) Requirements for record keeping by the school council; and

  • (i) A process for appealing a decision made by a school council.

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