Missouri - Family Engagement Plans: Policy or Plan Requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt plans, policies, or strategies to engage parents and families in the educational process.

Missouri Revised Statutes 167.700 Involvement of parents and families, state board and school districts to adopt policies

  1. The board of education of each school district shall, in consultation with the state board, educational personnel, local associations, and organizations of parents whose children are enrolled in public schools of the school district and individual parents and legal guardians whose children are enrolled in public schools of the school district, adopt policies no later than March 1, 2006, which encourage effective involvement by parents and families in support of their children and the education of their children. The policies adopted pursuant to this subsection must:

    • (1) Be consistent, to the extent applicable, with the policy adopted by the state board pursuant to subsection 1 of this section; and

    • (2) Include the elements and goals specified in subsection 2 of this section.

  2. The state board and the board of trustees of each school district shall, at least once each year, review and amend their respective policies as necessary.

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