New Hampshire - Family Engagement Plans: Policy or Plan Requirement

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to adopt plans, policies, or strategies to engage parents and families in the educational process.

New Hampshire Administrative Rules Ed 306.04 Policy Development.

(a) In accordance with Ed 303.01, the local school board shall adopt and implement written policies and procedures relative to:

  • (1) Absenteeism and attendance;
  • (2) Promoting school safety;
  • (3) Discipline;
  • (4) Records retention, including electronic files;
  • (5) Character and citizenship;
  • (6) Meeting the instructional needs of each individual student;
  • (7) Student hazing;
  • (8) Student harassment, including bullying, as required by RSA 193-F;
  • (9) Sexual harassment, as detailed in Ed 303.01(j) and (k);
  • (10) Reporting of suspected abuse or neglect;
  • (11) Promotion of a school environment that is conducive to learning and supports strong family and community partnerships;

New Hampshire Administrative Rules Ed 306.04 Policy Development.

(k) The policy relative to partnerships among schools, families, and communities shall comply with the following standards:

  • (1) Schools shall strive to involve parents and family members of students of all ages and learning levels;
  • (2) Schools shall provide parent educational activities throughout the school year to help parents support their children's learning;
  • (3) Schools shall frequently communicate school performance, student progress, personalized learning strategies as adopted by the local school board and in accordance with district and graduation competencies, and academic opportunities, using both print and online formats;
  • (4) Schools shall work with agencies and businesses to support community-based developmental activities that prepare young children for school and promote ongoing achievement;
  • (5) Schools shall promote collaboration among parents, schools, and community on school improvement and student achievement projects;
  • (6) Schools shall strive to harness all available community resources, including but not limited to organizations, businesses, talented individuals, natural resources, and technology, to engage each student in achieving necessary skills and knowledge; and
  • (7) Schools shall encourage business partnerships to assist students in the successful transition to employment or further education.
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