California - Family Engagement into Policymaking on School Discipline and Behavior Management: Stakeholders

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State law encourages parent or family member involvement in the development of student codes of conduct.

California Education Code 35291.5 School Maintenance

(a)  On or before December 1, 1987, and at least every four years thereafter, each public school may, at its discretion, adopt rules and procedures on school discipline applicable to the school. For schools that choose to adopt rules pursuant to this article, the school discipline rules and procedures shall be consistent with any applicable policies adopted by the governing board and state statutes governing school discipline. In developing these rules and procedures, each school shall solicit the participation, views, and advice of one representative selected by each of the following groups:

  • (1)  Parents.
  • (2)  Teachers.
  • (3)  School administrators.
  • (4)  School security personnel, if any.
  • (5)  For junior high schools and high schools, pupils enrolled in the school.

Meetings for the development of the rules and procedures should be developed and held within the school’s existing resources, during nonclassroom hours, and on normal schooldays.

The final version of the rules and procedures on school discipline with attendant regulations may be adopted by a panel comprised of the principal of the school, or his or her designee, and a representative selected by classroom teachers employed at the school.

It shall be the duty of each employee of the school to enforce the rules and procedures on school discipline adopted under this section.

(b)  The governing board of each school district may prescribe procedures to provide written notice to continuing pupils at the beginning of each school year and to transfer pupils at the time of their enrollment in the school and to their parents or guardians regarding the school discipline rules and procedures adopted pursuant to subdivision (a).

(c)  Each school may file a copy of its school discipline rules and procedures with the district superintendent of schools and governing board on or before January 1, 1988.

(d)  The governing board may review, at an open meeting, the approved school discipline rules and procedures for consistency with governing board policy and state statutes.

California Education Code 35291 School Maintenance

The governing board of any school district shall prescribe rules not inconsistent with law or with the rules prescribed by the State Board of Education, for the government and discipline of the schools under its jurisdiction. The governing board of each school district which maintains any of grades 1 through 12, inclusive, may, at the time and in the manner prescribed by Sections 48980 and 48981, notify the parent or guardian of all pupils registered in schools of the district of the availability of rules of the district pertaining to student discipline.

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