Iowa - Family Engagement into Policymaking on School Discipline and Behavior Management: Stakeholders

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State law encourages parent or family member involvement in the development of student codes of conduct.

Iowa Administrative Code, Education Department, Title II Accredited schools and school districts, Chapter 12 General accreditation standards, 281 12.3(256) Administration

12.3(6) Student responsibility and discipline.

The board shall adopt student responsibility and discipline policies as required by Iowa Code section 279.8. The board shall involve parents, students, instructional and noninstructional professional staff, and community members in the development and revision of those policies where practicable or unless specific policy is mandated by legislation. The policies shall relate to the educational purposes of the school or school district. The policies shall include, but are not limited to, the following: attendance; use of tobacco; the use or possession of alcoholic beverages or any controlled substance; harassment of or by students and staff as detailed in subrule 12.3(13); violent, destructive, and seriously disruptive behavior; suspension, expulsion, emergency removal, weapons, and physical restraint; out-of-school behavior; participation in extracurricular activities; academic progress; and citizenship.

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