Maine - Family Engagement into Policymaking on School Discipline and Behavior Management: Stakeholders

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State law requires parent or family member involvement in the development of student codes of conduct.

Maine Revised Statutes Title 20-A Education Part 2 School Organization Chapter 101 General Provisions Subchapter 1 School Boards 1001. Duties of school boards

15. Adoption of student code of conduct. With input from educators, administrators, parents, students and community members, they shall adopt a district-wide student code of conduct consistent with the statewide standards for student behavior developed under section 254, subsection 11. The student code of conduct must:

  • A. Define unacceptable student behavior;
  • B. Establish standards of student responsibility for behavior;
  • C. Prescribe consequences for violation of the student code of conduct, including first-time violations, when appropriate;
  • D. Describe appropriate procedures for referring students in need of special services to those services;
  • E. Establish criteria to determine when further assessment of a current individual education plan is necessary, based on removal of the student from class;
  • F. Establish policies and procedures concerning the removal of disruptive or violent students or students threatening death or bodily harm to others from a classroom or a school bus, as well as student disciplinary and placement decisions, when appropriate;
  • G. Establish guidelines and criteria concerning the appropriate circumstances when the superintendent or the superintendent's designee may provide information to the local police or other appropriate law enforcement authorities regarding an offense that involves violence committed by any person on school grounds or other school property; and
  • H. Establish policies and procedures to address bullying, harassment and sexual harassment as set forth in section 6554.

The school board is responsible for ensuring that school officials inform students, parents and community members of the student code of conduct.

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