Oklahoma - Family Engagement into Policymaking on School Discipline and Behavior Management: Stakeholders

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State law requires parent or family member involvement in the development of student codes of conduct.

Oklahoma Statutes 70-24-100.5. Safe School Committees – Model policy.

A. Every year each public school site shall establish a Safe School Committee to be composed of at least seven (7) members. The Safe School Committee shall be composed of teachers, parents of enrolled students, students, and a school official who participates in the investigation of reports of bullying as required by subsection A of Section 24-100.4 of this title. The Committee may include administrators, school staff, school volunteers, community representatives, and local law enforcement agencies. The Committee shall assist the school board in promoting a positive school climate through planning, implementing and evaluating effective prevention, readiness and response strategies, including the policy required by Section 24-100.4 of this title.

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