Wisconsin - Family Engagement into Policymaking on School Discipline and Behavior Management: Stakeholders

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State law requires parent or family member involvement in the development of student codes of conduct.

Wisconsin Statutes 120.13 School board powers.

The school board of a common or union high school district may do all things reasonable to promote the cause of education, including establishing, providing and improving school district programs, functions and activities for the benefit of pupils, and including all of the following:
(1) School government rules; suspension; expulsion.

  • (a) Make rules for the organization, gradation and government of the schools of the school district, including rules pertaining to conduct and dress of pupils in order to maintain good decorum and a favorable academic atmosphere, which shall take effect when approved by a majority of the school board and filed with the school district clerk. Subject to 20 USC 1415 (k), the school board shall adopt a code to govern pupils’ classroom conduct beginning in the 1999-2000 school year. The code shall be developed in consultation with a committee of school district residents that consists of parents, pupils, members of the school board, school administrators, teachers, pupil services professionals and other residents of the school district who are appointed to the committee by the school board. The code of classroom conduct may provide different standards of conduct for different schools and may provide additional placement options under s. 118.164 (3).
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