Iowa - Parent Supports and Education Programs: Stakeholders

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State law encourages districts to implement parent education or support programs to address family needs.

2018 Iowa Code 279.50 Title VII Education and Cultural Affairs, Subtitle School Districts, Chapter 279 Directors - Powers and Duties - Human growth and development instruction.

  1. Each school board or community college which offers general adult education classes or courses shall periodically offer an instructional program in parenting skills and in human growth and development for parents, guardians, prospective biological and adoptive parents, and foster parents.

2018 Iowa Code 256.9 Title VII Education and Cultural Affairs, Subtitle 1 Elementary and Secondary Education, Chapter 256 - Department of Education - Duties of director.

Except for the college student aid commission, the commission of libraries and division of library services, and the public broadcasting board and division, the director shall:

    1.   a. Develop and make available to school districts, examples of age-appropriate and research-based materials and lists of resources which parents may use to teach their children to recognize unwanted physical and verbal sexual advances, to not make unwanted physical and verbal sexual advances, to effectively reject unwanted sexual advances, that it is wrong to take advantage of or exploit another person, about the dangers of sexual exploitation by means of the internet including specific strategies to help students protect themselves and their personally identifiable information from such exploitation, and about counseling, medical, and legal resources available to survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault, including resources for escaping violent relationships. The materials and resources shall cover verbal, physical, and visual sexual harassment, including nonconsensual sexual advances, and nonconsensual physical sexual contact. In developing the materials and resource list, the director shall consult with entities that shall include but not be limited to the departments of human services, public health, and public safety, education stakeholders, and parent-teacher organizations. School districts shall provide age-appropriate and research-based materials and a list of available community and internet-based resources to parents at registration and shall also include the age-appropriate and research-based materials and resource list in the student handbook. School districts are encouraged to work with their communities to provide voluntary parent education sessions to provide parents with the skills and appropriate strategies to teach their children as described in this subsection. School districts shall incorporate the age-appropriate and research-based materials into relevant curricula and shall reinforce the importance of preventive measures when reasonable with parents and students.
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