Minnesota - Parent Supports and Education Programs: Stakeholders

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State law encourages districts to implement parent education or support programs to address family needs.

Minnesota Statutes 2018 Education Code, Chapter 124D. Education programs 124D.895 Parental involvement programs

Subd. 3. Plan activities. Activities contained in the model plans must include:

  • (1) educational opportunities for families that enhance children’s learning and native and English language development;
  • (2) educational programs for parents or guardians on families’ educational responsibilities and resources;
  • (3) the hiring, training, and use of parental involvement liaison workers to coordinate family involvement activities and to foster linguistic and culturally competent communication among families, educators, and students, consistent with the definition of culturally competent under section 120B.30, subdivision 1, paragraph (q);
  • (4) curriculum materials and assistance in implementing home and community-based learning activities that reinforce and extend classroom instruction and student motivation;
  • (5) technical assistance, including training to design and carry out family involvement programs;
  • (6) parent resource centers;

Minnesota Statutes 2018 Health, Chapter 145 Public health provisions 145.958 Youth violence prevention

Subd. 2.Violence prevention programs for at-risk youth.
(c) Violence prevention programs may include, but are not limited to:

  • (1) mentorship;
  • (2) job placement and support;
  • (3) youth violence prevention training;
  • (4) parent and family intervention and teaching parenting skills;
  • (5) school-related initiative involving police liaison officers, youth leadership, peer mediation systems, after-school activities, and intervention in truancy cases;
  • (6) chemical dependency and mental health intervention, screening, and assessment;
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