Texas - Parent Supports and Education Programs: Stakeholders

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State law encourages districts to implement parent education or support programs to address family needs.

Texas Statutes Education Code 29.257 Community Education Development Projects

(a) The legislature may appropriate money from the foundation school fund to the agency for developing and implementing community education projects. The agency shall actively seek gifts, grants, or other donations for purposes related to community education development projects, unless the acceptance is prohibited by other law. Money received under this subsection shall be deposited in the account established under Subsection (b) and may be appropriated only for the purpose for which the money was given.

(b) The community education development account is created as a dedicated account in the foundation school fund in the state treasury. The account shall consist of community education related gifts, grants, and donations and shall be administered by the agency.

(c) Subject to legislative appropriation and except as provided by Subsection (g), a school district to which the agency awards money for a community education development project is entitled to receive money for a period of three years.

Texas Statutes Education Code 29.251 Definitions

In this subchapter:

  • (1) to (3)  [Repealed by Acts 2013, 83rd Leg., ch. 73 (S.B. 307), § 2.06(a)(2), effective September 1, 2013.]

  • (4)  “Community education” means the process by which the citizens in a school district, using the resources and facilities of the district, organize to support each other and to solve their mutual educational problems and meet their mutual lifelong needs. Community education may include:

    • (A)  educational programs, including programs relating to cultural awareness, parenting skills education and parental involvement in school programs, and multilevel adult education and personal growth;

    • (B)  community involvement programs, including programs for community economic development, school volunteers, partnerships between schools and businesses, coordination with community agencies, school-age child care, family literacy, and community use of facilities; and

    • (C)  programs for youth enrolled in schools, including programs for dropout prevention and recovery programs, drug-free school programs, school-age parenting programs, and academic enhancement.

Texas Statutes Education Code 29.252 Agency Role in Community Education

(a) The agency shall:

  • (1) develop, implement, and regulate a comprehensive statewide program for community education services;

  • (2) administer all state and federal funds for community education in this state, other than funds that another entity is specifically authorized to administer under other law; and

  • (3) accept and administer grants, gifts, services, and funds from available sources for use in community education.

(b) The agency may adopt rules for the administration of this subchapter.

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