Florida - Professional Development on Family Engagement: Staff Qualifications and Professional Development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law requires districts to provide professional development for school personnel on parent and family engagement.

Florida Statutes 1012.98 School Community Professional Development Act.

2. The web-based statewide performance support system established pursuant to subparagraph 1. must include for middle grades, subject to appropriation, materials related to classroom instruction, including integrated digital instruction and competency-based instruction; CAPE Digital Tool certificates and CAPE industry certifications; classroom management; student behavior and interaction; extended learning opportunities for students; and instructional leadership.

  • (b) Each school district shall develop a professional development system as specified in subsection (3). The system shall be developed in consultation with teachers, teacher-educators of Florida College System institutions and state universities, business and community representatives, and local education foundations, consortia, and professional organizations. The professional development system must:
      1. Be approved by the department. All substantial revisions to the system shall be submitted to the department for review for continued approval.
      1. Be based on analyses of student achievement data and instructional strategies and methods that support rigorous, relevant, and challenging curricula for all students. Schools and districts, in developing and refining the professional development system, shall also review and monitor school discipline data; school environment surveys; assessments of parental satisfaction; performance appraisal data of teachers, managers, and administrative personnel; and other performance indicators to identify school and student needs that can be met by improved professional performance.
      1. Provide inservice activities coupled with followup support appropriate to accomplish district-level and school-level improvement goals and standards. The inservice activities for instructional personnel shall focus on analysis of student achievement data, ongoing formal and informal assessments of student achievement, identification and use of enhanced and differentiated instructional strategies that emphasize rigor, relevance, and reading in the content areas, enhancement of subject content expertise, integrated use of classroom technology that enhances teaching and learning, classroom management, parent involvement, and school safety.
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