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State law requires state agencies to develop models and guidance to promote parent and family engagement.

2017 Arkansas Code 6-15-1704. Annual review of parental involvement plans -- Monitoring

(a) Annually by October 1, every school district shall review and update the school district's parental involvement plan and:

  • (1) File a copy of the plan with the Department of Education;
  • (2) Place a copy of the plan on the school district's website; and
  • (3)
    • (A) Place a parent-friendly summary of the plan as a supplement to the student handbook.
    • (B) The parent shall sign a form acknowledging receipt of the summary and return the signed form to the school where the student is enrolled.

(b) (1)  (A) The department shall:

  • (i) Review each plan;
  • (ii) Determine whether the plan is in compliance with provisions of this subchapter; and
  • (iii) Indicate on the school's performance report under § 6-15-1402 whether or not the school district is in compliance with this subchapter.

    • (B) Periodically on a rotating schedule, the department shall monitor each school district's plan to:
  • (i) Evaluate whether the school district is implementing its plan and the implementation's effectiveness; and
  • (ii) Assess the areas in which a school district needs to revise its plan or its implementation of the plan.

    • (C) The department shall place priority for monitoring under subdivision (b)(1)(B) of this section on school districts that have been identified as being in:
  • (i) Level 4 -- Directed support; or
  • (ii) Level 5 -- Intensive support.

    • (2) By January 1 of each year, the department shall provide any recommendations in writing to a school district:

    • (A) Concerning areas of noncompliance with §§ 6-15-1701 -- 6-15-1703; or

    • (B) As a result of the department's monitoring under subdivision (b)(1)(B) of this section.

    • (3) The department shall allow the school district an opportunity to implement the department's recommendations.

    • (4) The State Board of Education shall incorporate the provisions of this subsection into its rules for parental involvement plans.

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