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Model Policies, Resources, And Supports
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State law encourages state agencies to develop models and guidance for districts to promote parent and family engagement, or requires state agencies to disseminate resources.

Maine Revised Statutes Title 20-A Education Part 1 General Provisions Chapter 3 Department of Education Subchapter 2 Commissioner 255. School administrative unit; reports, records, information

6.  Parental Involvement Initiatives; Post. Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, a school administrative unit that adopts a parental involvement initiative may submit a copy of that initiative to the department, and the commissioner shall post that initiative on the department’s publicly accessible website. The commissioner also shall post on the department’s publicly accessible website links to the publicly accessible websites of those school administrative units that have chosen to adopt districtwide parental involvement initiatives as school board policy and that have submitted those initiatives to the department.

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