Rhode Island - HE K-12 curriculum—abstinence only education (MS): Curricula

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statute; regulation

State law addresses abstinence only education.

State of Rhode Island General Laws § 16-22-17. AIDS education program.

(a) The department of elementary and secondary education shall, pursuant to rules promulgated by the commissioner of elementary and secondary education and the director of the department of health, establish comprehensive AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) instruction, which shall provide students with accurate information and instruction on AIDS transmission and prevention, and which course shall also address abstinence from sexual activity as the preferred means of prevention, as a basic education program requirement.

Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs

Section 5.0 Mandated Health Instructional Outcomes: Required Content Areas

5.1 The health education curriculum shall be based on the health education standards of the Rhode Island Health Education Framework: Health Literacy for All Students and consistent with the mandated health instructional outcomes therein. These outcomes shall pertain to no less than the following topics appropriate to grade or developmental level:

  • 5.1.7 Family Life and Sexuality: the responsibilities of family membership and adulthood, including issues related to reproduction, abstinence, dating and dating violence, marriage, and parenthood as well as information about sexually transmitted diseases, sexuality and sexual orientation, as part of comprehensive sexuality education. Pursuant to RIGL §16-22-18, courses in family life or sex education within this state shall include instruction on abstinence from sexual activity and refraining from sexual intercourse as the preferred method for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases;

[Inactive as of July 2018.]
Source: Rhode Island Secretary of State

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