Oregon - HE K-12 curriculum—alcohol and drug use/abuse (HS): Curricula

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statute; regulation

State law addresses alcohol and drug use/abuse.

Oregon Revised Statutes 336.222 District policy and plan; content.

In accordance with rules adopted by the State Board of Education in consultation with the Oregon Health Authority and the Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission, each district school board shall adopt a comprehensive alcohol and drug abuse policy and implementation plan, including but not limited to:
(1) Alcohol and drug abuse prevention curriculum and public information programs addressing students, parents, teachers, administrators and school board members;

Oregon Administrative Rules 581-022-2045

(1) Each school district shall develop a comprehensive plan for alcohol and drug abuse prevention program which shall include, but not limited to:

  • (a) Instruction in the effects of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, including anabolic steroids, performance-enhancing and controlled substances as an integral part of the district's K–12 comprehensive health education program. In addition, at least annually, all high school students, grades 9–12 shall receive age-appropriate instruction about drug and alcohol prevention

  • (A) The age-appropriate curriculum for this instruction shall:

    • (i) Emphasize prevention strategies;
    • (ii) Be reviewed and updated annually to reflect current research; and
    • (iii) Be consistent with State Board adopted Health Education Academic Content Standards.
  • (B) Basic information shall include:

    • (i) The effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, including anabolic steroids, performance-enhancing and controlled substances
    • (ii) All laws relating to the use, especially by minors, of alcohol and other illegal drugs; and
    • (iii) The availability of school and community resources.
      Source: Oregon Secretary of State
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