Tennessee - HE K-12 curriculum—alcohol and drug use/abuse (MS): Curricula

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regulation; statute

State law addresses alcohol and drug use/abuse.

Tennessee Administrative Rules and Regulations 0520-01-03-.05 State Academic Standards

(c) Instruction in grades kindergarten through twelve (12) in issues of current concern such as character education, environmental education, economic education, career education, family life education, substance use and abuse, AIDS education, sexual abuse prevention, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and safety shall be incorporated in appropriate subject areas and grade levels.

Tennessee Code Annotated 49-1-402. Implementation of program : DARE

(a) The state board of education, in conjunction with the department of safety, may implement the curriculum for a statewide drug abuse resistance education (DARE) program to be taught by qualified and trained law enforcement officers in local schools within the state.

(b) The state board and the department may consider and adopt training methods and materials developed for the DARE America program or a comparable program approved by the department.

(c) The state board shall strive to see that the hazards of nicotine abuse are included in the drug-free alliance program. The state board shall encourage the use of culturally relevant educational methods and materials in the drug-free alliance program to inform persons of the hazards of nicotine abuse.
Tennessee Secretary of State

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