Colorado - HE K-12 curriculum—benefits of physical activity (MS): Curricula

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statute; standard

State law addresses physical activity.

C.R.S. 22-32-136

(3) On or before July 1, 2006, each school district board of education is encouraged to adopt policies ensuring that:

  • (d) Every student has access to age-appropriate and culturally sensitive instruction designed to teach lifelong healthy eating habits and a healthy level of physical activity.

Comprehensive Health Health & Physical Education

2. Physical and Personal Wellness (Shared Standard)
Includes physical activity, healthy eating, and sexual health and teaches lifelong habits and patterns for a fit, healthy, and optimal childhood and adulthood; examines society, media, family, and peer influence on wellness choices; practices decision-making and communication skills for personal responsibility for wellness; and identifies the consequences of physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, and early sexual activity. Includes health promotion and disease prevention, and teaches responsibility and skills for personal health habits as well as behavior and disease prevention; sets personal goals for optimal health; examines common chronic and infectious diseases and causes; and recognizes the physical, mental, and social dimensions of personal health.
Source: Colorado Department of Education

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