Mississippi - HE K-12 curriculum—benefits of physical activity (MS): Curricula

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statute; regulation

State law addresses physical activity.

Mississippi Code. § 37-161-7 Wellness curriculum to be developed by State Board of Education; board shall adopt implementation rules and regulations

The State Board of Education shall develop a wellness curriculum for use by each school district and the board shall establish rules and regulations to be followed by the districts whereby the districts shall implement the curriculum. Such wellness curriculum shall include educating students about the value of exercise, proper diet and abstinence from use of tobacco and alcohol.

Mississippi Contemporary Health (K-8) Curriculum

Contemporary Health (K-8) Content Strands/Topics:

Personal and Consumer Health (PH) (CH)
Nutrition and Fitness (N)
Mental Health (M)
Substance Abuse Prevention (SA)
Family/Social Health (F)
Community and Environmental Health (C)
Human Growth and Development (H)
Safety and First Aid (S)
Disease Prevention and Control (D)
Source: Mississippi Department of Education

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