New York - HE K-12 curriculum—comprehensive sexual HE (HS): Curricula

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State law addresses comprehensive sexual health education.

8 CRR-NY 135.3

(i) All secondary schools shall provide appropriate instruction concerning the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) as part of required health education courses in grades 7-8 and in grades 9-12. Such instruction shall be designed to provide accurate information to pupils concerning the nature of the disease, methods of transmission, and methods of prevention; shall stress abstinence as the most appropriate and effective premarital protection against AIDS, and shall be age appropriate and consistent with community values. No pupil shall be required to receive instruction concerning the methods of prevention of AIDS if the parent or legal guardian of such pupil has filed with the principal of the school which the pupil attends a written request that the pupil not participate in such instruction, with an assurance that the pupil will receive such instruction at home. In public schools, such instruction shall be given during an existing class period using existing instructional personnel, and the board of education or trustees shall provide appropriate training and curriculum materials for the instructional staff who provide such instruction and instructional materials to the parents who request such materials. In public schools, the board of education or trustees shall establish an advisory council which shall be responsible for making recommendations concerning the content, implementation, and evaluation of an AIDS instruction program. The advisory council shall consist of parents, school board members, appropriate school personnel, and community representatives, including representatives from religious organizations. Each board of education or trustees shall determine the content of the curriculum and approve its implementation and shall be responsible for the evaluation of the district's AIDS instruction program.

(ii) Boards of education or trustees that make condoms available to pupils as part of the district's AIDS instruction program shall:

  • (a) submit a condom distribution policy to the advisory council for appropriate recommendations;
  • (b) make condoms available only to pupils who participate in an appropriate AIDS instruction program as defined in this section;
  • (c) provide each pupil receiving condoms with accurate and complete personal health guidance as to the risks of disease that may result from the pupil's use or misuse of such product, which appropriately takes into account the child's age;
  • (d) assure that such personal health guidance is provided by health service personnel or school personnel trained and supervised by competent health professionals or health educators; and
  • (e) submit for approval by the commissioner a plan for the training of health service personnel, as defined in section 136.1(c) of this Title, or school personnel who will provide such personal health guidance. Such plan shall be approved upon a finding of the commissioner that the training is adequate to prepare such personnel or school personnel to provide the required personal health guidance in an effective manner.
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